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Marbles... Hairties for litltte girsl.. fun dips, kids board games.. everywhere you go will be kids kids kids.. fun to give them some skittles oh hotheads.. :)

Needs list


Small and medium Christian  T-shirts


Undershirts fruit of loom ribbed tanks . Small, med 


Zip lock ready kit 

Toiletries Ex soap shampoo toothbrush wash cloth towel toothpaste comb etc. These are so helpful to welcome and give to new boys or a poor family ..  






Flip flops various sizes 



Alkaselzer plus nighttime tablets you drop in water.. fizz fizz.. oh what a relief it is.. 


Red eye 

Guitar strings for Bass and electric

Dry erase markers


Red pens 

Small boys underwear


Old laptop computers . Boys repair and share...






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