Areyksat Village




Areyksat Village

Areyksat Village is just about a 15 minute moto drive, plus a 7 minute ferry jump across the Makong River. We pull up to a small structure where a couple of the boys stay back to teach and play with the kids gathered there.


As for the rest of us, we walk down the street and into a small maze between houses to a large tarp, under the shade on a rice patty field. 


The love and greatfulness is palpable. There are about 20 children in eager awaiting, just to sit by you, just to hold your hand. It's so simple, yet in someway, undefinable.


These children have nothing, but the life and charisma behind each one is unique and bright.


Rotana is an incredible young man, with the heart of a servant. He truly uses his wide variety of God given talents to serve his people in need.


It is a beautiful thing.

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