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We are so thankful for all who come, volunteer,

and serve in all the different ways they do.

Some come for a few days, some a few months and some for years.

For us, it's like family coming to dinner. And we are very thankful for your blessings torwards us.

Becasue we work with Children and Women at Risk

we also must include information on Protecion of children.

Information that is common to us who show Love to others, but benificial to have it dileniated.

If you are coming and wish to be with us for more than a few weeks

and work with WOL or our homes,

we will ask you to cover this information in advance.

The Orientation is generally for teams who stay in our guest house, though it is full of good information for all teams/visitors who wish to be more aware of these lovely people. 



Child Protection Policy

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