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Island Outreach

Written By Rith Sang,

Cambodian Leader of this Ministry.

Contact : Tel: 077 777 470, Email:


Island Outreach is one of Water of Life outreaches and it was started to reach out to both youth and adults. We focus on teaching youths and children God’s words in order for them to apply and make a difference in their lives.

Water of Life Island Outreach is an outreach located in a village on another side of the river which  is  several  miles from  Phnom Penh City.   This  Outreach began in January, 2012. Every Sunday, after church in the morning at  Water of Life,  some of  boys  and girls  and different team from Water of Life go there and spend about three hours.  We are trying to reach youths and children for Christ. At the beginning there were only a  few youths who came to join fellowship with us and there were no children. The people there had no idea about Jesus.


Walking by faith , we keep going there and then kids and more youths started to come and hear about Jesus. There were two groups of kids and they had to study bible and worship the Lord under the trees. More youths came and the room was too small for them to fit in anymore.Then we prayed for a bigger building for those kids and youths. The Lord has answered our prayers. Now we go a new building for them ( another group of the kids is still doing the program under a tree because the kids cannot come to join with the other kids in the new building).

Right now we have about 150 kids and 35 youths come to join our fellowship every Sunday. Many lives have been changed. A lot of youths have got their bibles and started to read at home everyday. Kids have started to learn about Jesus and are eager to know more about Jesus. Everyday Sunday we have fellowship together with them about three hours. We play games with them, worship, teach new songs, pray them and other people, learning God’s words, encourage them and so on in order to help them grow in the Lord and walk with him strongly.

-Rith Sang


Areyksat Village

Here are some Prayer Requests:
Please keep those youths and children in your prayer that they would all know Jesus more and more and be the light to people in that village.-Please pray for Water of Life boys and girls who go there every Sunday.-Pray all the needs we have to help the ministry grow.

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