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To offer a tax deductible donation via PayPal, click the link below.


Note: 10% of all donations will be directed towards the main ministry center in Phnom Penh which serves the boys and girls homes and COH children's home. PayPal takes a 2.7% service fee on all donations. Please note any specific instructions regarding the funds in the memo section and WOL will do its best to honor those requests. WOL maintains full discretion over the distribution of all gifts. 


Donations to outreaches will be directed to Calvary Chapel Phnom Penh. The Pastoral staff will determine the needs of the outreaches and how to best finance them.


Thank you for your love and support of the work in Cambodia.


Randy Fleming,

Director Water of Life Ministries


Thank you, no matter how you support.

There are three ways to give and all are tax deductible .


**(Water of Life is a – 501 (C) (3) non-profit organization with a – EIN# 33-0159486)

1. Check –   please make it out to: Water of Life,

PO  Box  2022

Fallbrook,  Ca  92088


*an individual can not be named in the

memo section of a check.


*A project can be named in the memo section.

2. Electronic Fund Transfer Use the following information and transfer

direct to WOL Cambodia ANZ Royal bank.  


Water of Life

ANZ Bank account 645777

Cambodia ANZ Royal Bank Of Cambodia Limited..

Swift Code  ANZBKHPP

Beneficiary Account number: 645777

Name:  Water of Life

Bank Address:  20, Kramuon Sar &  Corner of street 67

Bank Phone +855 - 23 999 000


Water of Life address 135 Street House 68 A/B Khan Toul Tom Pong 1 Phnom Penh +855 12623488


WOL  phone #  – (760) 728-6510 or (760)-533-8690

WOL  email  –   wateroflifeusa@gmail.com

3. Credit or Debit Card – click on the donate button to donate via Paypal.



* For Australians to donate click here

Print the following Form and send to Wol or Bank



Electronic Funds Transfer Enrollment

Authorization Form


I hereby authorize Water of Life to transfer the amount listed on this form from my account as per the scheduled requested.  This authority will remain in effect until I provide notice in writing to cancel this agreement.  I understand that this cancellation request must be made at least 10 days prior to the next scheduled transfer.

To submit by mail:  Print this form, complete the information requested, and mail to:  Water Of Life,  PO Box 2022 ,Fallbrook, CA 92088

To submit by email:  Print this form, Complete, sign(signature required ),then scan and e-mail this form to: :    phillipsfrank65@gmail.com


Name & Address Information

Name: ___________________________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________________

City/State/Zip:  ____________________________________________________

Home Phone: _____________________________________________________

E-mail address: _____________________________________________________


How does CheckFree Work?  EFT provides a simple and convenient method for your planned giving. By filling out the attached form, you authorize automatic payments from your bank account to Water of Life at your preferred frequency. Your bank or credit card statement will include these payments, and you will continue to receive a record of your gifts to Water of Life..

Is there a risk in making an EFT Payment?  No. An electronic contribution is safer than writing a check; it can’t be lost, stolen or destroyed in the mail. Electronic contributions also have a high accuracy rate.

Can I change the amount of my gift?  You can change the amount of your gift at any time by simply completing a form and either sending it via mail or by e-mail.

*Signature is required for all transactions.





Enrollment & Authorization



Transfer Frequency

Transfer my donation of   $__________  to Water of Life as follows:

□   On the first of every month

□   On the 15th of every month

□   Other frequency: _______________

Date of first withdrawal: ____________



□   Checking   □ Savings

(Please include voided check / or include bank info :see picture on last page))


Bank Name: ___________________________
Bank Address: __________________________
City/State/Zip: __________________________
Account Name: _________________________
Account #: ____________________________
 ABA Bank Routing# : _______________________________


□   Credit Card 

□   Visa        □   MasterCard       □ Discover        □ Amex.


Account #: ____________________________________________

Expiration Date: ___________________



Signature (required for all transactions)  _______________________________












WOL and CCPP work with various Team led 

projects. Support given for weekly outreach projects is passed o to the leaders of CCPP. CCPP oversees the outreaches as a part of a healthy church family. 

Outreaches to Araksat, Kien Svay, Kompong Thom, Svay Rieng, Stueng Mean Chay Grace Church , , English Students Outreach, Youth Outreach to the Neighborhood, COH Weekly kids program, as well as various Missionary families doing village outreaches, fostering children in need, and other projects. 

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