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Cambodia Crocheting Sisters


These radiant women currently live just along 

the outskirts of Phnom Penh's city dump.

The lack of education, has crippled so many,

placing them in poverty, often rummaging through the trash for anything of value. 

Cambodia Crocheting Sisters

Cambodia Crocheting Sisters

Andrew Martin,

Former Texan, was moved by the situation.

He simply wanted to help these women attain

some sort of future and income for

their families.


He began C.C.S.

He visits weekly, if not daily to make sure 

they have all they need.

They are on an "Item per Item" pay.

Depending on how many items,

and difficulty, Andrew buys for appropriate price.

The money goes straight into their pockets.



These Woman are incredibly greatful

for the opportunity and freedom.

They are talented, silly, kind & have come to 

know The Lord, holding Bible Study everyday.



In darkness, light shines even brighter.

We Love You C.C.S.!



A Family Member of Water of Life...


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