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   Family, education, and training

unwanted children

is near and dear to the hearts at

Children of Hope.


   The kids at COH Home

are some of the coolest kids

on the planet. 

Although some of them

are actual orphans,

the majority are

de-facto orphans, meaning

they may have at least

one living parent

but their situation required

them to be brought into the care

of COH home. 

This could be because they

were being abused, neglected,

were begging on the streets

or because their parent(s)

refused to take care of them. 


COH is a small group home

with parenting staff for kids

who could not be returned to 

their families.

They have helped several kids 

for an interim period while their 

family could be strengthen to 

raise the child, or foster families 

could be found - but for these kids

this is their family.

They are not

on display or used for propaganda. 

they are family to the loving parents

at coh 


 Between Katherine Steele, who heads up  COH, and the staff of COH,

these kids are loved, educated and cared

for in a safe environment. 

Best of all, they are being raised up

in the knowledge and love

of Jesus and regularly attend

youth worship services

at Water of Life



Education is a very important part of the kids lives. We understand the importance of having an education in a poor country like Cambodia  therefore we take the task very seriously. 

Government education is still very underfunded and staffed in Cambodia. Most teachers ask the students for about one dollar a day if the student wants to pass the class. additionally the teacher requires the student to attend "extra studies" after school where the subject is actually taught, and the extra studies amount to about $20.00 per student per month.


we are very thankful that several students  have been sponsored to attend Salamom, a private christian school.

the fee for school and transport is about $100.00 per month, but the students are receiving quality education and learning about God.

thanks to their sponsors, this year we are able to support eleven kids to study at salamom. as god provides. we will continue to keep them in the school and hopefully be able to give the same opportunities to the other children .    

© 2015 by WATER OF LIFE

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