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It's Time To Move On ...

          Our First Home

Now we are so thankful to be at our New (not so new now) Center. 

        For eight years God has blessed

Water Of Life through this building . We used it in every ways to serve God . Teaching music , teaching English, teaching computer , celebrate Christmas and other special program to share good news about Jesus, youths group fellowship, Sunday church ...







          Now we believe that it's time to move on to a bigger place so we can serve God more . We found a place that bigger still under construction . Water Of Life planned to move next month.







         That's why we start making things better before we move . Like making new beds for boys that live in Water Of Life . Before we change houses we are praying to get 16 of these made . US $270 each . Great to have real beds with storage for each of the boys.. 16 bunk beds ..32 boys yeah..  good wood is so expensive and hard to find here but we are excited ..

Follow God

Follow God

Direction To New building

© 2015 by WATER OF LIFE

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