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    Part of the ministry at Water of Life is a girls home, where Gals who wish to receive an education are housed in a family environment. girls are usually the last to receive an education so this is a great help to them. They are also discipled and given work opportunities.


women are given opportunities to change their lives. A type of u-turn for christ program. Each of these women has her own story, but usually all come from very vulnerable situations.


Water of Life Girls’ Homes are a safe-haven where  young women live and are able to attend university while they are grounded in the Word,


They are well loved and are provided the practical help they need to prepare them for life transformation.  


Your prayer and support are greatly needed for this ministry.

happy girls

Show some love to our sisters ...

         One day it was a birthday of one of our sisters who lives in WOL- GIRLs home.   Channy Sang, who is also a leader . So we surprised her with a big party including a moto and bicycles for Girl's house to use ...

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